BEWARE: SEARL TECHNOLOGY, INC. (STI) is NOT endorsed or authorized by PROF. JOHN R.R. SEARL!


As of 2014, Searl Magnetics, Inc, (SMI) board of Directors elected to NO longer operate as a "restricted" and "limited" subsidiary to a mere paperwork holding company and all previous rights are legally rescinded by these changes. Subsequently, SMI is now an independent business venture again and NOT even affiliated with Searl Technology Inc.

We cannot be held responsible for anyone invested in such unauthorized companies such as STI and its members or any other groups.

The STI is NOT licensed by SMI nor is Prof. John Searl authorizing them to take advantage of his technological concepts nor use his copyright and trademark material nor is the Searl Team having any meaningful communications with them.

Legal action will follow, this statement has been authorized by:

Prof, J. R. R. Searl: rightful owner of the technology and the inventor of the concept by any name or term.

For a signed copy of Prof. Searl's Directive: click here


Russell Anderson (left image) has indeed betrayed Prof. John Searl for a mere illusion of big money with the "Florida sharks". Consequently, the SAC Board of Directors has terminated his SAC executive post with no possibility of returning. The root of the problems is due to Bradley Lockerman (right side image) paid to influence the shallow minded against Searl's interests. According to Searl, he is an actor that lives in a world of fantasy and NOT of the world of reality, has sold-out for "30 pieces of silver" and committed "fraud and deception" to undermine his rights for his own self-centered agenda. Take note that both of them have been dishonorably discharged from the Searl Team organization and barred for at least 10 years. Searl's Directive is to take legal action against them for defamation, slander and libel with regards to Searl's Corporate business and its founders.


News update for December 17, 2014

This is an excerpt and a preview of Prof. Searl's latest of over 500 paged book with regards to such matters.

Brad and those associated with him are banned for 10 years with anything relating to SEG technology. 

What he is holding up is an SEG prototype stator ring developed by Lead Engineer and President - Fernando Morris of Searl Magnetics, Inc.

Beware of Brad attempts to further deceive with video clips edited out of context to personally insult.



I, Prof.  John Roy Robert Searl, of British Birth, hereby declare under oath, that the recent crowd funding video release by Russell Anderson and the group that pays his salary, is no more than a CON by using my name, technology concepts, copyrights and illustrations is ALL without my consent!

   As from February 8th at 2200 hours GMT, Kirk Miller resigned from the Searl organization, on the grounds that he voted himself out and would not cooperate with my Lead Engineer Morris. Thereby, he lost all rights for a period of 10 years from using anything he has gained while being remotely involved with any of the Searl business ventures. This also applies to Bradley Lockerman, Philip Talbert and Russell Anderson.

There is a crowd funding site video with Kirk (or any other site that shows it), it contains statements which they know are deceptive, misleading, untrue and it goes against my interests.

It is my duty to the public, as acting Secretary General of the Searl Organization Worldwide, to prepare legal action to stop it from an independent country to the USA, where the offense has been made public and in the UK. I have hereby informed ALL to beware, that their crowd funding video is a CON, produced by a group we previously blacklisted this year. We have also confirmed that this Bruce Parsons person is involved in it and I have to warn everyone that he is closely related with those that have betrayed my interests for their own.


Russell Anderson of STI with an SMI laptop and SMI Disc Demo is Stolen equipment!

Subject: SMI Equipment recovery demand notice

To: Brad Lockerman and Russell Anderson,

The rescission has been formalized with the advent of the 2014 SMI shareholder meeting; as far as SMI is concerned.

Subsequently, it has come to our attention that the both of you  were supplied with an SMI laptop and now we demand they be returned.

All SMI equipment under STI control must be returned to the SMI office as soon as possible; it must be accounted within the SMI inventory.

Also, SMI paid for the construction and shipping cost of a model IGV, send to Russell Anderson, that too must be forwarded to SMI as well.

You both have till the 20th to prepare the SMI units for shipping,  just supply the weight and size of boxes and UPS will pick them up on that day.

This is an administrative equipment accounting issue and it must be resolved, so your prompt co-operation would be appreciated.

Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2014 8:48 PM, NO response from them to this day...  Prof. Searl has documented these crimes in his 1000 page up coming book.



Only the real Searl Team at Searl Magnetics, Inc. and the Searl Aerospace Corporation is R&D supported and endorsed by Prof. John R.R. Searl.

This is the current list of Directors that have RESIGNED from STI since 2014 and they are in NO way affiliated or associated now with STI or with any of its remaining members:

  1. Prof. John R.R. Searl - Searl Global Technologies, Inc. (SGT)
  2. Fernando D. Morris - Searl Magnetics, Inc. / Searl Aerospace Corporation (SMI / SAC)
  3. Carla Xie - John Searl Foundation (JSF)
  4. Alan Fleming - STA
  5. John Thomas, Jr. - DISC